Shown is my portfolio of architectural watercolours documenting the old buildings of Rye, East Sussex. These reduced images are all taken from original watercolours.

Click on the thumbnails below to show a large version with additional description and text.

Mermaid Street, Rye, said to be one of the best known streets in the world. The sign of the golden mermaid hangs over the 15th century Mermaid Inn.

Lamb House, built by James Lamb in 1722-23, has been home to many famous authors. Henry james, the American author bought the house in 1899. E.F.Benson wrote the "Mapp & Lucia" stories there.

Church square looking East. The buildings around St Mary's Church provide a fascinating blend of age, style and fashion.

Looking towards the Water Tower (1735) in what was known as Pump Street, the eastern side of Church Square.

Early morning sun on Church Square shows the imposing fifteenth century timbered house of St Anthony.

Greek Island Boat. Safe from the storm.

Cotswold House, Bibury. The mellow colours of traditional building materials in the Cotswolds.